These are the people I would love to send a big "THANK YOU" for their support of what I do.

Fans, Supporters, and The Inspiration Behind My Projects

(if you belong on this list and are somehow missing from it, it's a clear oversight and you will be added shortly...)

Behind every single fun stream moment you see, there is a rather invisible legion of people who also make it happen, in more ways than I can count or list here. Well, at least I can try :-) In alphabetical order, here is the list of people I tip my cyberspace rancher hat to:

  • Akira, Ultimate Tsundere - for supporting the stream & all the hard and mind-blowing work as part of NISEI

  • ArminFirecracker - for supporting the stream & being one of Lockdown's all-time greats!

  • theoneakaneo - for supporting the stream & having a hell of a username to figure out for the first time

  • Dunsch97 - for supporting the stream & being a part of the Lockdown crew!

  • bookkeeper - for supporting the stream & helping out with a project he may not be aware of just yet ;-)

  • Cpt_nice - for supporting the stream & their patronage over the Lockdown format, their mastery of the game, and their love for Sunny Lebeau!

  • Jose-san - for supporting the stream & keeping the game going in his local meta!

  • pspacekitten - for supporting the stream & too many things to list here (they would require a separate site)

  • mcg - for supporting the stream, helping out with organization & being an awesome number cruncher

  • Odol - for supporting the stream & hanging out on stream during our almost-happened Worlds round :-)

  • longi - for supporting the stream & his continued support of the Lockdown format + making great decks and plays a very exciting part of every event he attends!

  • willybn1 - for supporting the stream & his positive attitude, whatever the time zone difference

  • Synchro - for supporting the stream & rocking Lockdown with great plays!

  • iref - for supporting the stream

  • Tim H - for supporting the stream

  • Steff P - for supporting the stream

  • Finn B - for supporting the stream

  • Haway - for supporting the stream

  • zombie - for supporting the stream

  • Carl H - for supporting the stream

  • Frizzler - for supporting the stream

  • Laurent B - for supporting the stream

  • xanth - for being the #1 patreon supporter!

  • amavric from The Metropole Grid - for being a source of inspiration and an absolutely unstoppable force of nature as a streamer

  • mtgred, noahtheduke & a whole bunch of people behind - for making it possible to play the game online easily through their amazing efforts!

  • alsciende & a whole bunch of people behind - for making it possible to build decks online easily through their amazing efforts!

  • Johno - for charming code and snakes into a bundle of total tournament organizer awesomeness

  • Koga - for inspiration and awesome streams in Italian!

  • New Andes - for being awesome streamers & doing it in Spanish!

  • Tolaasin - for all the friendly and insightful commentary on streams & his zen attitude

  • JessicaEA - for being a returning fan from day 1 of my streams & for her encyclopedic knowledge of Netrunner!

  • Jakuza - for lasers, cheeses, mirrors & other assorted high-tech magicks

  • Angie - for being the kindest and humblest kind of person while being quite a mean player when duty calls, oof!

  • Luke Nukem - for being an awesome friend, soup maker & overall evil #(@)*!#(*#!@

  • percomis - for providing spicy prize support & being a music nerd like myself

  • Krembler - for fancy graphics animating some of the best moments in Netrunner's online history!

  • yluras - for all the great games and good times in person & for his dedication to the community

  • met4 - for being an awesome friend, tournament organizer & host to travellers of the rarest kind

  • rotage - for great commentary on stream & several late night rounds of post-event drinks and storytelling sessions

  • ClusterFox - for running amazing events in his meta & inspiring me to get into event organization - game on!

  • SirLoathing - for coming back into Lockdown-town time and time again, regardless of the weird hours

  • Humblejuggernaut - for helping out with deck-sharing-tech for the Top 4 players, when necessary

  • efildriew - for teaching me how to play the game better & being so reliable at getting flatlined by me in Top Cuts <3

  • valerian32 - for great games during local events & amazing arts and tokens that you should totally at least look at

  • shanodin - for keeping up with my terrible jokes and being a great and inspiring streamer!

  • icecoldjazz - for making it possible for me to help NISEI out with Organized Play for a while and his terrible jokes on par with mine

  • Fantasy Flight Games & its members behind the Android universe - for resurrecting a game I never got to try during its first run in a way that did it more than justice

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