Are you organizing an online event and would like it to be streamed and commentated?

Maybe you need help running an online event from start to finish?

Let's talk - I can help you with that and run the whole stream for you!

All the services listed here are free as in "free beverages" and 100% donation-based.

Online Event Streaming, Recording & Commentary

If you are interested in showcasing your online event with a live stream or a recording, including in-game commentary, send me a message and let's discuss the details!

I can also produce the stream and let you do all the talking on stream :-)

Here are some of the events I have streamed on my own channels or produced for other streams, with sample streams below:

Online Event Organization & Streaming

Would you like me to help you organize your event and stream it as well?

I can help you from the very first moment you get the idea to run an event to the very last post-event bit, including messaging, organization, live online communications, and more!

Here are some of the events I have organized and streamed on my own (and yes, some of them are not tournaments):

Online Game Sessions

If you want me to help you with organizing and recording or streaming an online game session of any type (including but not limited to Netrunner on, contact me and let's discuss the details!

I use and recommend Tabletopia and Tabletop Simulator. I can also set up sessions for any other online (or desktop) client, including VASSAL, BGA, and others.

More videos coming soon!

Appendix: CSS hacks

If you are a Netrunner streamer, chances are you are using as your main gaming platform.

I would like to share my basic CSS hacks to make the site a bit clearer to read for viewers. Basic knowledge of how CSS works is encouraged before you start playing around with this.

I use this with the Stylus extension for Firefox. Simply install the extension (a Chrome version exists) and use the import option to copy and paste the code below into Stylus.

(Last update: 2021-10-18)

@-moz-document domain("") {

.gameboard .stats > div {

    font-size: 17px;


.win.table {

    font-size: 18px;

    font-weight: normal;


.win.centered {

    font-size: 22px;

    font-weight: bold;


/* remove the CSS comment tag from the line below to enable this section; input the full URL of the background you want to use; enable the "monochrome" background in your settings */

/* .monochrome-bg { background-color: #242; background-image: url("YOUR_BACKGROUND_URL_GOES_HERE"); background-size: contain; */

.gameboard .rightpane .log > .panel {

    font-size: 18px;


.content .log .messages {

    font-size: 16px;


.gameboard .counter {

    font-size: 18px;

    font-weight: bold;

    /*  position: absolute; */

    z-index: 10;

    padding: 0;

    text-align: center;

    line-height: 1.5rem;

    bottom: 3px;

    left: 3px;

    height: 24px;

    width: 24px;


.gameboard .strength {

    font-size: 18px;

    font-weight: bold;


.gameboard .header {

    font-size: 18px;

    font-weight: bold;


.card-zoom {

    size: 120%;


.fake-link {

    color: lime;

    text-decoration: underline;


.anr-icon {

    font-size: 125%;



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