Startup Plus

Do you know and enjoy NSG's Startup format? Would you like to start taking your first steps into the Standard format? Startup Plus could be the format for you!

Keep reading to learn more about Startup Plus - a custom meta online event series for the card game Netrunner, as it is continuously developed by Null Signal Games (NSG, formerly known as NISEI).

The Format

The card pool follows the NISEI Startup format guidelines with the following modifications:

Deck Ideas (Startup Plus 1.0)

No idea where to get started with the decks? Here are some example decks on NRDB courtesy of the one-and-only Larrea and an additional little extra package by the inimitable Dunsch! [alternative spreadsheet link]

Signing Up & Event List

Each Game Day will be announced on a separate page.

There will also be a Startup Plus League event group on ABR, where all the past (and some upcoming) events will be listed. You can find this on the right side panel for each event.

Event Structure & Requirements

Startup Plus will premiere as a LEAGUE event:

Additional regulations:

The deck lists for this event will not be public. Players will be encouraged to share their decks and strategies afterwards.

Startup Plus FAQ

Got more questions? Contact me.

Prize Support

The Startup Plus League is a series sponsored by the community and there are no entry fees associated with it.

You can see a list of its supporters on the Fans <3 page.

Each participant gets immortal glory & streamed games with commentary as a bonus.

The physical prize pool depends on the amount in the tip jar.

Donations are entirely optional and not required for the event to take place.

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