Sixteen events pitting all the factions in the game against each other. Let's see if that helps us collectively decide which one of them is the best, once and for... a while.

Keep reading to learn more about Versus - a custom meta online event series for the card game Netrunner, as it is continuously developed by NISEI.

The Format

The card pool follows current NISEI Standard format guidelines (this means that rotation and the latest Standard Ban List are in effect), with the following modifications:

  • The series uses cards as per the Standard NISEI format (as of 1st of April 2021 - this means System Gateway and System Update 2021). It also expands the card pool through the custom Throwback format (as created by Whiteblade111 - thank you!).

There will be 16 events in the series, each one with only one Runner and only one Corp faction allowed:

  • Haas-Bioroid vs Anarch

  • Haas-Bioroid vs Criminal

  • Haas-Bioroid vs Mini-factions

  • Haas-Bioroid vs Shaper

  • Jinteki vs Anarch

  • Jinteki vs Criminal

  • Jinteki vs Mini-factions

  • Jinteki vs Shaper

  • NBN vs Anarch

  • NBN vs Criminal

  • NBN vs Mini-factions

  • NBN vs Shaper

  • Weyland vs Anarch

  • Weyland vs Criminal

  • Weyland vs Mini-factions

  • Weyland vs Shaper

At the end of 16 events, the faction with the most points won across all of its match-ups will be crowned The Best Overall Faction In Netrunner At The Moment.

Signing Up & Event List

Sign-ups are open and you can use this form to be included as a participant in the Versus roster of players.

The event list will be kicking off as soon as there is a suitable line-up of players ready.

Versus FAQ

  • Q: Do I need to have my decks ready when I sign up?

  • A: No! You will be asked to submit your deck lists only when you are confirmed as a participant, until 24 hours before the event.

  • Q: What factions will I be playing and facing if I participate in a Versus event?

  • A: You will be playing with and against only the one Runner faction and the one Corp faction that are named in the event title. Everyone is still allowed to import cards from other factions, using influence points and the Standard + Throwback card pool.

  • Q: Since I will know which factions I will be playing with/against in advance, can I tech both my Runner and Corp decks specifically against my match-up?

  • A: Absolutely yes! This is the main idea behind this format - to see how optimal "versus" decks perform against each other (with the spicy addition of some Throwback goodies, of course).

Event Structure & Requirements

Each Versus series event will consist of only two teams of three players each playing against each other.

The event lasts 3 rounds, with each player on "Team A" meeting each player on "Team B" - in a so called "Round Robin" series of games. An example structure of the event looks like this:

Round 1

  • (Team) A - (Player) 1 vs (Team) B - (Player) 1

  • (Team) A - (Player) 2 vs (Team) B - (Player) 2

  • (Team) A - (Player) 3 vs Team B - (Player) 3

Round 2

  • A - 1 vs B - 3

  • A - 2 vs B - 1

  • A - 3 vs B - 2

Round 3

  • A - 1 vs B - 2

  • A - 2 vs B - 3

  • A - 3 vs B - 1

Each round is 70 minutes long and features standard matches, where each player plays both sides (Corp and Runner).

The deck lists for this event will not be public. Players will be encouraged to share their decks and strategies afterwards.

The winning team is decided by the sum of event points scored by each team. In case of a tie, the higher team Strength of Schedule wins.

Throwback FAQ

  • A player can put one legal playset of "Throwback cards" into your Corp and Runner deck each. They can also choose to pick "Throwback ID" instead of playset of cards for either side.

  • The banned cards are:

    • Standard Ban List 20.09

    • Data Leak Reversal

    • Blackmail

    • Estelle Moon

  • Q: What sets outside of Standard can I use to choose my "Throwback cards" or "Throwback IDs"?

  • A: Original Core Set, Genesis Cycle, Spin Cycle, Lunar Cycle, Creation and Control, Terminal Directive

  • Q: Can I play two copies of a Throwback card, and then a single copy of another Throwback card in a single deck? Ie: Can I play two copies of Desperado and a single copy of Medium?

  • A: No, you are limited to a legal playset of a single card.

  • Q: Can I play Temüjin Contract? Or Sensie Actor’s Union?

  • A: No, both are currently banned under Standard Ban List 20.09, and your decklists must respect the current ban list.

  • Q: If I choose to play as a Throwback ID, can I also play a playset of a Throwback card? For example, can I choose to play as Noise, and also play up to three copies of Magnum Opus?

  • A: No, you are limited to either playing as a Throwback ID, or a playset of a single card. In your example, you can either play as Noise OR up to three copies of Magnum Opus.

  • Q: Can I play a current as my Throwback card? For example, Paywall Implementation?

  • A: No, all cards with the Current subtype are banned under the 20.09 Standard Ban List.

  • Q: Can I choose an identity as my Throwback card, and start the game as a Standard legal identity, for the express purpose of Rebirth and/or using DJ Fenris with my Throwback card?

  • A: Yes, but it is the only valid rotated identity for you to Rebirth/DJ Fenris into.

Prize Support

Versus is a series sponsored by the community and there are no entry fees associated with it.

You can see a list of Versus' supporters on the Fans <3 page.

Each team gets immortal glory & streamed games with commentary as a bonus.

The physical prize pool depends on the amount in the tip jar.

Donations are entirely optional and not required for the event to take place.

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